The Key is Good Music

We had an amazing cultural event last month in our church organization Saturday meeting. The participants are young men and women who love to sing and dance. One of the choreographers is a musician by heart. She is well-versed with all music-related terms, including novation launchkey and musical pieces. Because of her expertise, we didn’t worry for our assigned presentation.


Music is one of the factors that made our organization strong and cohesive no matter what. In terms of choral presentations, we are prepared. Since we participate in community activities, we became popular with many organizers. One time, we received an invitation to sing in a nearby village. As a result, the choir members attended practice sessions everyday.




Let It Go

The best way to ignore boredom is to embrace the power of music. I know that this is possible nowadays since there are gadgets that are within our reach anytime. I can read about the latest hit songs of my favorite artists, including Let It Go and We Remain, that are movie soundtracks. I can also research about musical instruments such as piano, volca bass and clarinet.


I understand that Let It Go has deeper meanings for every music lover. As Frozen’s music, it is perfect for the Disney film. Every one of us has specific inner quality that should be unleashed. It’s for our own good. We shouldn’t be afraid. We deserve success. We have the right to be happy. With amazing music all around us, we can have inspiration all the time.