Wedding Decorations for a Chic Bride

There are many ways to pull off an amazing wedding decor for a chic bride. If you’re a bride following a budget book, you can create an amazing venue decor by having a perfect inspiration.

Let us have a glimpse of inspiring ideas in this post that wedding planners shared online.

Go for green. With green grass and tall plants on the sideways, going for green decor is perfect for a stunning bride on her wedding day. By the way, don’t forget to ask your partner about the ornaments included in the┬ádesign of the venue.

green decor

Green wedding decor

Purple haze in love. I love purple and I know many wedding enthusiasts love it, too. You can use shades of light pink to complement with the attractive color. Add some light green details for a more vibrant look.

purple haze

Purple haze

Sweet parade. Of course, balloons are not outdated. They’re perfect for merrymaking theme since you can choose different shapes, sizes and colors of balloons.

sweet parade

Sweet parade wedding decor

If you’re looking for other inspiring photos, don’t hesitate to check popular wedding websites. I’ve found an exciting material by checking blogs and websites about chic brides.


How to Find Best Wedding Photographers

The world of photography is very interesting. The ingenuity of photographers in capturing the freshest emotions of their subject is remarkable. Personally, I am interested in looking at wedding photos as products of best photographers in our area such as Tagaytay City photographers. Later on, I found the best tips on finding such kind of workers in the wedding industry.

Research. The Internet is one of the most important sources of information when it comes to wedding photography. Don’t ignore the testimonials shared online by real couples who have tried the services of trusted photographers. It is also highly recommended to check high-profile magazines for your reference. In most cases, up-and-coming photographers are featured in glossy publications. After all, hiring new but talented professional photographers may help you save money.


Attend bridal fairs. I have tried attending bridal fairs twice and my experiences are unforgettable. I don’t know. Maybe, it’s just me. I love weddings. The cakes are extravagant and well-designed. The wedding dresses are stylish and elegant. The wedding decor, gifts and other mementos are amazing. On one occasion, I met a talented photographer in a bridal fair. I learned that he’s one of the most popular figure in local wedding events. Continue reading