Rhian Ramos and her latest activities

Before I started blogging, my favorite stars are already well-known in the industry. These days, they’re no longer popular in the entertainment world. When I became active in the blogging arena, I met another set of stars that I find interesting. One of them is Rhian Ramos. My first encounter with the lovely actress was in the corridors of GMA Network in Quezon City. She readily obliged for picture-taking with a slew of bloggers on duty at that time.

rhian in genesis

The second time that I met her is when I attended a re-launching of a glossy publication. At that time, I was busy preparing questions for her. My question wasn’t easy. 🙂 However, she took time to give a good answer. Basically, I just want to know the ways she intend to inspire all of us. My post about this event is entitled, What it’s like to meet Rhian Ramosthat I posted in my other blog.  I believed her when she admitted that she wants to be a symbol of a girl with new perspective in life. She’s witty and gorgeous. Who wouldn’t want to admire Rhian Ramos these days?

rhian ramos with krincess

Recently, Rhian is busy with two things: her upcoming television series, Genesis, and her preparation as a competitor of the motor sports/car racing event on Saturday, October 12, at the Clark International Speedway in Pampanga.

In Genesis, the actress portrays a physically abused wife who will eventually be saved by a long lost love named Isaac (portrayed by Dingdong Dantes), who is the real father of her child.

By the way, Genesis is directed by Bb. Joyce Bernal and Mark Reyes. It will air its pilot episode on Monday, October 14 on GMA Telebabad.


The Popularity of My Husband’s Lover Series

I am really impressed with the success of My Husband’s Lover, GMA Network’s amazing television show. At first, many people find it controversial. Later on, it reached the haven of adventurous television viewers.

Tom Rodriguez and Dennis Trillo

Personally,  I like the character of Lally. She is the wife of Vincent in the story. Portrayed by Carla Abellana, Lally’s character showed off strength of personality despite the challenges around her. Continue reading