My Latest Lipstick from Avon

Everyday, my brand of lipstick is Maybelline. It’s my favorite brand of beauty products. However, I also try using other brands such as Avon and other popular names in the industry.


Last week, I started using a pink Avon lipstick. It is light pink so I really like the shade. I also use it every Sunday morning while I attend church activities. I am also planning to try wearing nude colors. Obviously, I like lipstick with vibrant colors.



Grateful for the Gifts

As early as the first week of December, we receive our gifts from our family. The dogs were anxious of the huge packages in our home. They’re thinking such things are treats for them.


In this blog, we would like to express our heartfelt gratitude for everything that we received this year. We are lucky to experience prosperity even if we have problems along the way. It wouldn’t be possible without the people who help us.