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What is it in condo living that many people want to try it? I am also wondering about this. Perhaps, I can feel the happiness of condo owners in the metro because they’re living in highly accessible areas. If you have heard about for miami condos for sale, you’ll be more attracted with the  offer because the properties are obviously fabulous.

condo living

The best way to find the best real estate properties is to visit many developed areas. It is one way of realty shopping and finding the best deal. If you have been dreaming to live in a condominium, don’t hesitate to ask your friends for referrals, check magazines and surf online to find what you’re looking for.


PRO-FRIENDS launches new mobile site for better customer service

Scouting for your next home while waiting in line at the grocery store or while commuting to work? PRO-FRIENDS, one of the fastest-growing real estate companies in the Philippines, makes this possible with the launch of their new mobile site at

profriends goes mobile

“We launched this mobile site to cater to our tech savvy market who are always on the go. We want to be more accessible to them by becoming more visible in new media platforms such as this, which they can easily access through their smartphones or tablets  any time of the day,” said Richard Tay, PRO-FRIENDS vice president for marketing.
The mobile-friendly site allows the user to zoom in and out of the pages, a specific feature for mobile devices. The mobile site makes sending inquiries easier as easy as tapping an icon. The auto call feature allows the user to reach a customer service representative by just pressing the call icon while the auto email feature allows for sending a quick message to a customer service representative without the hassle of typing an email address. And a more prominent social media integration tool allows the user to share on Facebook and Twitter, making the selection of a new home easier with shared input from people who matter.
Earlier this year, PRO-FRIENDS launched its QR (Quick Response) code campaign, which allows a user to access the specific website for its different projects such as Ilustrata Residences, Parc Regency Residences, Lancaster Estates, Bellefort Estates, and The Palms Lakeshore. The QR codes can be found in various PRO-FRIENDS ads or posters.
To download a QR code scanner, tap on the search bar in the app store for iPhone/iPad or Google Play app for Android devices, look for preferred QR code scanner, then click install.