As a Music Lover

Music is very important in our lives. It really change the mood of one person, by just listening to it, most specially when you are feeling down or all alone, it will automatically change your personal energy according to your desire. When I read about tannoy monitors at musicians friend last night, I felt more inspired with the progressive music industry.


I love music especially love songs. I also like ballad because it refreshes my soul and change my mood. During nap time, I listen to my favorite love songs to inspire myself.


Mad-Professor Effects, Guitar Effects Pedal

One of the exciting things about music is the intricacy of musical instruments. Personally, I am very amazed at the grand musical instruments that I can find at the shopping malls. I think about its inventors and the people who are going to use it. For example, I wonder what’s the essence of using mad-professor effects. At first, I didn’t know that it is guitar effects pedal.

mad professor

To think that I don’t know how to use a guitar. I trained in guitar playing so many years ago, but I wasn’t successful. At present, I decided to learn playing the piano instead.