Love and Understanding Intertwined

The best way to handle boredom is think about good times. I am very happy to think about young love – the usual feelings that teenagers share with their close friends. Later on, I think about the elements that build a long lasting friendship.



Lately, I learned that the marriage of love and understanding that binds any relationship is magnificent. It protected relationships since time immemorial.  If you have loved someone and you had a wonderful understanding for each other, no one can stop your mutual love and friendship.


Happy Saturday!

I am glad that I had a fruitful Saturday morning today. I finished all my tasks on time. I went shopping with my husband to stock up on supplies. Then, we had a short ride to a farmer’s market.


Every Saturday, I see to it that we visit the farmer’s market. It is the place where we can get the freshest vegetables and fruits that we need for the whole week. Today, we bought avocados and sweet potatoes.