Burlap Drapes with Pearls

My new inspiration for today is burlap drapes with pearls. It’s a very pretty ornament for the living room, especially for those who like styling. It resonates with your passion for fashion. And with the beauty of Burlap Drapes and Curtains, everyone wants to try this interior design madness.


The lovely combination of colors in every drape should match with the pearls. In the living room, the theme of the design must also incorporate a little feminine side of your style. The question is: Is it alright to use fancy pearls? Of course. It’s highly recommended.

What about you? Do you like burlap drapes with pearls?


Small House Design

In the past few days, I was busy searching for small house designs. IĀ fell in love with the idea of creating small houses in the countryside. I love cabin houses and the feel of living closer to nature.

house designs

an awesome small house design

Aside from that, I like unique houses. In the case of small house designs, I prefer resort-style homes. It has to be built near the beach.