How to Attain True Happines

It is not easy to be happy all the time, especially when we are facing many challenges in life. There are sudden changes of plans. We find it frustrating to find happiness in the midst of emotional, physical and financial burdens. However, there are ways to attain true happiness. All we have to do is to live a balanced life.

Here are four essential tips in attaining true happiness.

1. Have a vacation

Everyday, we fulfill tasks for our family. We perform household chores for an orderly home. We don’t think about missing some deadlines in school projects, work commitments and family plans. However, we usually forget about having time to rest.

Don’t forget to have a vacation. Last year, we had an amazing time at Watercamp Resort in Cavite. Our swimming party was successful. My husband told me that it is important to have another outing this year.


2. Live a simple life

We know that simple things are best. If we plan things in a simple way, we cut the hassles and worries along the way. In that way, we will be happier than the days we spend in dealing with extravagant matters.

3. Be grateful

To start your day, don’t hesitate to express your gratitude for everything. The key to real happiness is to be grateful for your family, work and opportunities  in life. It sends back messages of contentment and simplicity – and these things will make you feel better despite the odds.

4. Spend wisely

Be content with what you have. If you’re aspiring for more money, work wisely. If you work smart, you will have time for everything. It is just a matter of balancing your life in a smart way. Purchase only the items that you need. But take time to buy something for yourself once in a while.

With all these tips, we hope we will be happy. Our inner peace must prevail all the time. If we stay strong and hopeful, we will reach our full potential and enjoy life to the fullest.

What do you think?


How to Take Care of a Dog

We know that dogs provide pleasure in our home. They’re very loyal, loving and funny. Some dogs are too loyal that they sleep with their owners in the bed. We understand that they demand attention everyday. No wonder we should learn to love them in any way possible.

how to take care of a dog

There is a basic guideline in taking care of a dog. However, the first step is to accept your pet as part of your life. Obviously, dogs need time, effort and love to be happy. If they’re happy, they’ll love you in return.

In this post, let’s uncover some tips in taking care of dogs.

Dog-proofing. It is important to know the things that might harm your pet at home. In the first place, they should be out of danger. They shouldn’t eat objects that will harm them. Many puppies try to eat anything they can see at home. This habit should be monitored to avoid accidents. For example, a dog died after three days because of eating foam at home. The object damaged his stomach and other organs. However, the most important thing is to protect family members against any untoward incidents because of the dog’s presence in the house.

taking care of dogs

Naming a dog. Some people name their dogs based on their appearance, special characteristics and behavior. Don’t forget to commit mistakes in naming your pet. Remember, you’ll have to live with the name of the dog that you have chosen for the entire time you’ll be together. If the name turned out to be awkward, it isn’t a pleasant experience.

Feeding the dog. These days, dog feeding is a very important task. Many dogs died because of poor nutrition. Some dog owners shared that they research the best ways to feed their pets after they’ve learned that some foods eaten by humans aren’t good for their pets. At home, our dogs are picky. They want to eat delicious treats. To avoid spending too much on dog food, we plan their meals every week. Continue reading