Just the Knobs of it

Obviously, I’m a fan of amazing furniture in real estate development areas. I’ve visited a popular┬ácondominium units with remarkable display of interior and exterior design. I can see the knobs used in each furniture and the color combination of the wall paint.


Now that I have my own place, I’m busy researching for the best interior design samples that will match my personality. I’m thinking of using dark-colored chairs and tables in the living room. I’ll also use colorful throw pillows to create a stunning color combination. What do you think?


Researching about refrigerator repair

We have a small refrigerator at home. It was bought a month after my husband and I got married. However, it was damaged when the dogs hunted for rats. The rats used to hide at the back of the fridge. Enzo sniffed around and usually catch one near the refrigerator. No wonder we really need someone who offers refrigerator repair services.

refrigerator repair man

Honestly, I panicked when the refrigerator lost its light. I know it was Enzo’s fault but I would like to give credits to his rat hunting skills. Knowing that a reliable repair man can do the job well, I need not to worry. There are many ways to find a skilled repair man. With just one click, I know we can find someone to repair our refrigerator.