Food Preservation

Food preservation is one of the most important skills that we should learn. In times of shortage and calamities, it is very helpful for us.


There are many ways to preserve food products. Here are some useful tips for you.

1. Except for minor details, the principles of fruit preservation are similar with vegetables. Salt and vinegar are generally used for vegetables.

2. Store foods in a cool, dry place. Warmth can hasten discoloration and flavor changes.

3. Be sure that the preserving jars are sealed air-tight to keep our harmful organisms.

4. Watch your time-tables. Remember that under-processing or cooking may cause spoilage.

5. Work quickly to conserve freshness.

If you have other tips in food preservation, let us know in the comments section.



My Week of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

I am so happy to know that it is now the season of my favorite fruits. I love mangoes and other fruits in this tropical country.

food for thoughtEarlier today, we had fruit salad. Then, we ate tons of wafers. I really like weekends because of the abundance of fruits and vegetables, including home-cooked food products.