Beauty Talk: Glowing and Radiant Face

I’m in the mood for beauty related post today. Lately, I’m thinking about makeup products, the best ways to take care of my skin, fashion and all things beauty. It’s more inspiring when I started checking all my beauty products for maintenance. Perhaps, I want to be more organized with the items that I’m using everyday.

Before anything else, let me share that being positive everyday is a perfect way to stay beautiful. If we want beauty, we should attract anything beautiful.

karen ezine

We know that there are two types of beauty secrets: the natural and the “other way around” secret, and it’s up to us. Personally, I stick to natural ways to maintain my skin. However, I’m considering other options that many physicians offer nowadays. I’m glad that there are international schools such as Sharjah University Laser Training and Research Center that train doctors how to use laser technology, especially relating to dermatology.

Now, let’s talk about taking care of our face. After all, it looks back at us by looking in the mirror. It’s important that we take care of our face. If you follow a beauty regimen, maybe, you are aware of the “Cleanse, Tone and Moisturize” mantra that beauty enthusiasts share to their friends. I’m also following it. Twice a week, I also gently rub milk on my face and cleanse it after 15 minutes.

Here’s a tip from a popular beauty website – “Take a thick slice of cucumber. Don’t peel the slice, rub in a circular motion all over the face and neck areas. Wash after 15 minutes.”




My New Hairstyle

My new hairstyle is inspired with summer look that many fashion lovers prefer in that time of the year. I don’t like short hair but when it feels so hot and I want a simple hairstyle, I’ll proceed with the pixie cut.

short hair

To make it more dramatic, I chose the sleek style that is perfect for the shape of my face. Obviously, I can adapt with the new look because it is also the best one for busy days. I don’t have to spend more time prepping my hair everyday. What do you think?