My Candy Affair

I had a chance to attend an amazing event with my fellow bloggers. It was all about Wonka and their delicious candies.


There was an activity to feed our imagination at that time. It was a wonderful time for all the participants. Besides, it happened during my birthday. I had fun!


Happy New Year!

This first day of 2014, all the beautiful things that I can think of is happening. I feel blessed.

2014 calendar

I would to greet everyone a Happy New Year! May we have a prosperous year ahead of us. Only time can tell of our destiny but we can have what we really want if we heartily ask for it. The universe can’t say no to a sincere and honest thought.

Thank you also for all the support that you have given me. Let’s start a new year with a flicker of hope and love. Although we experienced calamities in the past year, we will march forward with great faith.