Feng Shui book for 2013

Feng Shui is one of the most interesting subjects in modern times. Many people are looking for the best feng shui experts in town to guide them in their daily activities. I’ve heard that my friends are interested on a latest feng shui book and magazines nowadays since 2013 is a very interesting year. Personally, I attended a conference with a popular expert on the subject to learn more about finding happiness in life.

feng shui

Obviously, the reason we like to know more about feng shui is the guidance that we receive to achieve happiness and luck in life. In the conference that I’ve attended last month, we learned that feng shui is just a guide and not our destiny. In other words, we have the choice on how to run our lives and avoid bad luck. The best thing is that feng shui is a secret that has been kept through the years. Its secret is the idea that luck and happiness are achieved through proper clothing and style, home furniture arrangement, being a positive thinker and making sure that we help other people achieve the same value of happiness and luck. Continue reading