Shape Up Wherever You Are

These days, many physicians choose to embark on a new career by jumping to the bandwagon of wellness and aesthetic business. The popularity of training at the best international schools, including Sharjah University Laser Training and Research Center, has also many people to achieve a remarkable physique wherever they are.

 exercise body

Image | Brooonzyah

Aside from that, there are also physical exercises that can help you achieve a shapely body. Here are examples.


  1. Straight leg raising, backward.


Lean over a table. Slowly raise one leg as high as possible (for six seconds.) Slowly return to the starting position. Alternate legs. Vary by raining leg with knee bent. By the way, wearing miniskirts make this exercise easy to do.


  1. Squeeze the desk together.


Sit at your desk (or table) and raise your arms forward until the backs of your hands are touching the underside of the desk in front of you. Keep your stomach muscles tight and your back straight. Attempt to lift the desk, pushing for six seconds, then relax. Vary this exercise by standing in a doorway and trying to push it apart with the backs of your hands.


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