My New Hairstyle

My new hairstyle is inspired with summer look that many fashion lovers prefer in that time of the year. I don’t like short hair but when it feels so hot and I want a simple hairstyle, I’ll proceed with the pixie cut.

short hair

To make it more dramatic, I chose the sleek style that is perfect for the shape of my face. Obviously, I can adapt with the new look because it is also the best one for busy days. I don’t have to spend more time prepping my hair everyday. What do you think?


Love and Understanding Intertwined

The best way to handle boredom is think about good times. I am very happy to think about young love – the usual feelings that teenagers share with their close friends. Later on, I think about the elements that build a long lasting friendship.



Lately, I learned that the marriage of love and understanding that binds any relationship is magnificent. It protected relationships since time immemorial.  If you have loved someone and you had a wonderful understanding for each other, no one can stop your mutual love and friendship.