My Thoughts on Travel Blogging

Recently, a controversial issue about travel blogging has surfaced the Internet. It has given us many opportunities to evaluate travel blogging as a part of the industry.

Personally, I know that being a travel review writer is a huge responsibility. It should be done in a professional manner. Since I started writing about Watercamp Resort in Cavite, I tried to be honest with my reviews. I also interviewed the marketing team of the resort for a clearer view of the whole place. I’ve been there once to participate in a meeting with fellow freelance writers and my experience was great. However, I didn’t have the opportunity to try their accommodation offers. All in all, the place was exciting and very accessible.


Going back to travel blogging, the idea of writing negative food reviews to catch attention online is highly controversial these days. I don’t know the truth of this issue and all I can say is that being too honest without protecting the interests of other people is not good. Let’s enjoy a give-and-take mechanism within the community. Isn’t it amazing? After all, we are all interconnected  irregardless of race, color and religion.


The Beauty of Life and Laser Technology

We all know that beauty is a powerful tool of survival. We can easily find ways to protect ourselves if we know how to use our beauty to get something we want. Every person knows that without it, life is boring.

To be beautiful, we tend to use resources all around us. For instance, we study the best hairstyles of the year and pick one for ourselves. Then, we buy the best makeup products to enhance our looks. In some cases, we resort to laser treatment for our well-being.


Image | Pinterest

These days, we also know that “beauty inside out” is very popular. We may have the most stylish clothing pieces, but we will look unattractive if our manners are not good. To our dismay, people will judge us negatively if we fail to have a balanced look.

Do you believe that by being beautiful we will be happy and contented? Do you know that “beauty inside out” is worth fighting for? Sometimes we need to be true to ourselves to achieve a beautiful life. Well, it’s up to you. What do you think?