In Search of Gadgets

Last month, I was searching for useful gadgets in different technology stores. I was hoping to find affordable, popular and useful product. I found an ipod touch 64gb, an Android-supported phone and another popular tablet.


I want a tablet, I know. But I also want a user-friendly product, something that is easy to handle. In that sense, I decided to buy a 5- inch phone supported by Android operating system. The price is lower than I expected so I think it was a good buy.


Modekara Color Block Dress in Shades of Pink, Yellow and Black

In my other post, I mentioned that I started designing clothes based on inspiration. I am still in awe of color blocking so my first designs were mostly color block dresses. The first one, which is a combination of pink, green and orange is available here. The second one, which is a combination of color yellow, pink and black can be found here. By the way, you can find my Modekara creations on Etsy under Women shopping category.

modekara at etsy

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Modekara color block dresses are perfect for Sunday activities. It is knee-length to make it more comfortable and feminine-looking. It is not only modest, but is also inspired with the latest trend. If you like fitted designs, just let us know.

Finally, I can share my passion for fashion by creating chic, trendy and stylish clothing pieces. Thank you for your continued support. Cheers!