Musical Talent of Kids

The best time to train a child is during early years of development. In terms of honing a child’s musical talent, it is essential to introduce him or her with musical instruments such as piano, golden cello, drums and more. For toddlers, they should hear music constantly.

golden cello

We know that if a child learns to play musical instruments during his or her early years, it is easy to teach more complicated songs. It is not difficult to instill love of music in one’s heart. These days, successful musicians have been trained in their younger years to gain momentum in the best years of their career. In that way, more opportunities will come.


The Latest Programs at Sharjah University Laser Training and Research Center

The continuing education programs for physicians and allied health professionals is very important for the health industry. Without continuous study, doctors will be left behind in terms of quality service. No wonder Sharjah University Laser Training and Research Center continued to offer amazing courses for medical professionals.


Last September,  the school offered three short courses for doctors and other health professionals. These courses are vital in laser technology application. The institution offered Laser in Dermatology, Laser in Gynecology and Laser in Plastic Surgery. The three programs were duly certified by the University of Sharjah and are CME accredited.