Taylor Swift and her Stunning Workout Kit

Taylor Swift’s song, Red, is very popular these days. In an effort to inspire her fans, she recently wore outfits with red hues. She was spotted wearing a red huge sweater and black tights earlier today.

taylor swift huge sweater

Taylor Swift in Red

As she heads to the dance studio, the singer showed off an amazing fitness regime kit. Many fans love her pink footwear and simple style.

krincess carl style

I felt inspired to share a photo of my favorite red leggings and black blouse outfit that I donned for a day out in the mall a year ago.


Project Krincess Runway to Modesty at Boulevard, Dipolog City

Fashion is interesting. Style is even more interesting when used to inspire others. During the Family Week Celebration this year, lovely ladies and gorgeous men showed off their best outfit for the Runway to Modesty Fashion Show at Boulevard, Dipolog City.

project krincess fashion show

I am with Aisie and Iris in this photo snapped after the show.

The idea of showcasing amazing ensembles started in the room where young single adults attend Sunday School classes. As their teacher, I suggested, upon curious prodding, to offer a unique show that will inspire men and women alike to dress modestly. After all, it is the standard of fashion that I follow.  Continue reading