Long Years of Friendship and Music

In these modern times, music sets the balance of society. We hear of many untold stories through music. We became familiar of many musical instruments, including drum shield at musicians friend and the grandest piano ever created.

drum shield

Personally, I am grateful with music. It has strengthened my bonding with a friend. We used to sing our favorite songs every weekend. Even though the quality of our singing voices are not really high quality, we know it has improved through the years. Just like our friendship.


Fearne Cotton and her chic outfit

I am here again. I am busy checking fashion websites for inspiration. That means I am back into the world of fashion. Earlier today, I organized my closet and created little ribbons for my hair. Obviously, I am getting creative again. It’s been two months that I stopped looking for style photos and making fashion accessories.

fearne cotton

After checking my favorite fashion news website, I saw a stunning photo of Fearne Cotton. She was photographed wearing a fuchsia disco dress and black high-heeled sandals. I like the dress because it has an amazing combination of pink and black hues that highlighted her figure. The sophisticated and stylish frock matched with her simple hairstyle.