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My travel blog, Karenade Travel, is my second-to-the-last project this year. I decided to put up a highly-focused blog about travel since it’s my first favorite topic. Since I also like food and cooking, I included restaurant reviews in the blog.

travel blog

I’d like to invite you to check my travel blog by visiting Karenade Travel. Of all my websites, it’s the only one with original content and posts. You’ll know the best travel destinations across the country and learn the amazing restaurants in town. I’ve also included some posts about travel tips and unique experiences.


Catching Fire Photo

The movie, The Hunger Games, is really my favorite this year. I’ve read the three books written by Suzanne Collins. Because of my familiarity with the story, I used the characters’ names as code names for whatever secret I’d like to keep.

catching fire

Image: Catching Fire

Gale Hawthorne, Katniss’s best friend in the Panem story, is also my favorite character. I’ve used the name to keep something away from the public eye. Personally, I had fun doing it. It’s a good thing my close friends don’t read my posts. So girl, if you’re reading my blog you’ll know the answer of your questions. Who is Katniss? Well, she’s catching fire and no one can stop her. In the movie, she worked hard to propel a revolution she didn’t even know already brewing in the districts. Come on, deal with the secret. 🙂