Ilustrata Residences | Condominium for young professionals and start-up families

With this month’s busy schedule, there’s no question I’ve included in my to-d0 list a plan of attending a very interesting bloggers’ event, the launching of the first-ever condominium project of PRO-FRIENDS dubbed as Ilustrata Residences. Obviously, I liked the event since I already posted positive things about the project on my Facebook account, all the way to my Twitter page.


krincess condo launching

Aside from that, I posted the informative press release coming from the company in my lifestyle and real estate blog. The company has launched a very illustrious realty project that is situated in a prime location along Santolan Road in Cubao, Quezon City.

illustrata residences

I’ve seen the showroom with two stunning units on display. I like the way each unit was designed, especially the studio unit. I’ve heard that you can also choose to merge two units to have a bigger place. Perhaps, this is the idea that young professionals and start-up families have been thinking about for years. Thanks to the ingenuity and outstanding service of PRO-FRIENDS in the real estate industry.

For more details, don’t forget to visit their Facebook Fan Page, Ilustrata Residences. If you want to connect with me, you can also share your thoughts in the comments section.


How to Choose the Best Wedding Photographer

As a cornerstone¬† and the language of your wedding memories, photography is an essential part of planning your wedding. To find the best wedding photographer, there are many things that you should remember. If you’re a budget-savvy bride, remember the essential elements¬† such as the photographs, the photographer and your budget.

tagaytay city photographers

The Photographs

Each wedding photograph is a keeper of the memories during the happiest day of your life. For more years to come, you need to keep the memories and share it with your loved ones. The freshest emotions captured by the wedding photographer during the wedding will affect how you remember the “big day” by the time you reach old age. Simply put, you’ll smile every time you see your stunning wedding photos. I’ve heard stories of happiness because of gorgeous nuptial photos, including pictures taken by Tagaytay City photographers team. Knowing these inspiring testimonials, I know that the owners of the photographs invested time and effort in finding the best wedding photographer.

The Photographer

It’s important that you choose a photographer that has a good background in the field of wedding photography. You should check the photographer’s portfolio to know if he or she has experienced working on real weddings. You know that there are many skilled photographers. All you have to do is choose the one that has the style of taking photos that you really like. By checking sample photos, you can spot the best one. Check the Internet and ask your friends for referral. Take time to read testimonials to find the right team for your wedding pictures. Don’t forget to ask your prospect if he or she is always “on time” during call time. That is one way to gauge their professionalism. Most importantly, hire a photographer that has quality camera gear and prepare solid backup camera gear for the job.

In hiring a photographer, make sure to check your budget to match with your prospect. Make sure to compare prices for more savings. Choose a photographer that you feel comfortable with as a person and consider the price he or she offered.

I hope these tips help you find the best wedding photographer for you. If you have anything to add, please leave a comment below.