The Key is Good Music

We had an amazing cultural event last month in our church organization Saturday meeting. The participants are young men and women who love to sing and dance. One of the choreographers is a musician by heart. She is well-versed with all music-related terms, including novation launchkey and musical pieces. Because of her expertise, we didn’t worry for our assigned presentation.


Music is one of the factors that made our organization strong and cohesive no matter what. In terms of choral presentations, we are prepared. Since we participate in community activities, we became popular with many organizers. One time, we received an invitation to sing in a nearby village. As a result, the choir members attended practice sessions everyday.




Why Travel is Important for Women in Their 30s

Life is too short. We don’t want to waste it by just sitting idly somewhere. For women in their 30s, failing to enjoy more time traveling is a mortal sin.

Here’s why.

It’s for the right timing.  Why travel when you’re older? It’s not the best time to enjoy visiting new places. You’re in the best time of your life to go backpacking, island hopping, hiking and shopping. If you’re fond of swimming, don’t delay it.

One of my favorite swimming places is Watercamp Resort in Cavite. It’s very accessible and has world-class facilities. We had a day tour there last summer.

It’s important to avoid boredom in life. The feeling of boredom is common in such part of our lives. We often deal with work challenges, relationship problems and frustrations. Why not enjoy an exceptional road trip once in a while?

watercamp resort pool

 Some women find true love while travelling. Others meet new friends, that later on turn into best friends. It’s really amazing.

It’s necessary to gain a memorable travel experience with your loved ones. When is the perfect time to experience traveling with your loved ones? It’s when you’re healthy, successful and willing to learn new things.

Ideally, spending time with your family by participating in hiking, mountain climbing and island hopping are done in this period of your life.